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  • 1,20 € In stock

    Shoulder ring for reducing the diameter of the hole in the dome from ø26 mm to ø21 mm when using a ø20 mm tube.

  • 49,78 € In stock

    Panel holder element including an extension sphere sliding on the Spheria tubes ø20 or ø25 and a second sphere holding the panel. Also available with two sides.

  • 90,77 € In stock

    Designed to display and quickly change your messages, this original and practical a4/a3 information block is compact, light and easy to move. The R°V° visual can be installed vertically or horizontally and can be adjusted at the desired height thanks to the sliding tube.a4/a3 visual not included

  • 7,80 € In stock

    The total weight of your structure is increased while maintaining the original aspect of your Spheria®. The weight is fixed inside the half sphere. Cast iron 2,5 kg weight.